Friday, December 16, 2011

Adele - Someone Like You

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Adele brought home six GRAMMYs here.

One of my favourite singers Adele with her beautiful song 

“Someone Like You”.

“Secret Diary of a Call Girl”- Head over Heart

This song was played in the finale episode where Ben, Hannah’s long time boyfriend, despite promising he could handle it, finally makes the apparently unreasonable request that his girlfriend 'stop being a prostitute'.

He gave Hannah the ultimatum of choosing between profession and being with him.


Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Looking young - Mum 55 looks 35

December is such a busy month with all the weddings one has to attend! There are days having to rush like crazy to be at four functions within 6hours.

One of my hobbies is “people watching” and wedding sure is a nice place to spend your time watching people. You learn a lot just by watching their faces, watch the way they dress from head to toe, watch the way they talk and the way they walk. Very interesting hobby indeed!

Have you come across ladies looking 10-20years younger than what their age should have been? One of them is my aunt, a healthy 78year old lady yet looking barely 60, her flawless skin and fresh complexion - no wrinkles! My late mum should be around  75years old today if still alive, when she died at 65 years; she too looked very young for her age.

So ladies, make an appointment with your mothers or grandmothers – they are actually your most valuable beauty consultants.

Our elders have their many traditional natural beauty secret home remedies that everyone should learn from. Those years, they had to depend mainly on the natural ingredients available around them such as coconut oil, fennel seeds, honey, ginger, pineapple, carrot, tomatoes, cucumbers, almond oil, lemon and citrus fruits and leeches etc. Even today, leeches are being used as beauty treatment!

Many of these secrets are brought to you today in tubes and bottles. Anyway ladies try to stay and look young always. It can be a thrilling feeling when you take a picture with your 20year old son and getting comments such as “is that picture of you and your husband?” Hmm, feels good eh?

Mum 55 looks 35 (here)

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