Saturday, February 18, 2012

VERTIGO – Simple Exercises

You feel dizzy, unstable, nausea, sweaty, the room is spinning and you are floating about crazily, try lying down and the moment you rise – starts all over again.

The first attack caught me by surprise, without any warning, very scary indeed as I have never been through dizzy spells before. A few hours in the hospital for thorough examination, tests and observation, the doctor explained to me what Vertigo is all about. Phew… what a relief, something’s just not right with my inner ears!

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I was very lucky my first experiences happened at home but imagine if one is driving a car, swimming, climbing the stairs or carrying your baby etc? 

Roughly a third of patients have such recurrences within a year of treatment and half have recurrences within five years, do you need to carry the pills with you at all times?

There are vertigo exercises that you can do at home to help manage these attacks, simple steps that will take less than 5minutes of your time, it works. There are many videos posted in the internet to help you with these exercises.

Learn more here and here.


  1. hi katrina, dizziness sounds like a scary symptom of abnormal blood pressure or the coming of stroke. never realized that it also relates to vertigo. thanks for highlighting this.
    for me, i will get dizzy spells if the air is stagnant or if my blood pressure is low.
    have a nice day, hope you are in great health, take care.

  2. CV,
    First time can be frightening - horrible and scary. Important to see the doctors to analyse cause of dizziness.

    Sometimes we hear popping sounds coming from one side of the ear. Some suggested it helps to drink iced water, I tried, Ok for temporary relief. But those excercises really help.