Saturday, August 20, 2011




The festive season is just around the corner, phones, facebook chats and messages busy trickling in; enquiring, discussing and the booking of plane, train or bus tickets. What is really special for us this year, a double celebration –‘Hari Raya Aidilfitri’ (is the Malay term for Eid ul-Fitr) and 'Merdeka' (means Independence in Malay! It’s the Independent Day of Malaya on 31st August 1957).

My daughter is already requesting for her favourite “Daging Serunding” (beef floss)- the ones usually sold during this festive season is either too bland, flat and too dry. Oh dear, the hours spent having to stir it dry.

I was living in Sabah for many years where the cost of fish was very cheap and fresh from sea (Mackerel, tuna, sardines, kembung, bawal etc prices bet RM3-RM5 per kg only) I made fish floss very often. Hmmm.. Delicious however I hated having to spend hours to stir, I once decided to try the shortest methods, using the microwave - no it did not work out well.

I was fantasizing to myself, "if only there exist a self stirring pot", and walla.. look what I found! Isn’t life wonderful? I am so excited about this and hope that I can somehow find one in our market ASAP, I am sure it will be of great help for us women, cooking in the kitchen? 

This is the electric cooker that automatically stirs ingredients, leaving you free to prepare other parts of the meal. A spatula integrated into the bottom of the pot rotates autonomously as food cooks, mixing ingredients and lifting bits of food that would otherwise stick and burn.

The spatula can be set to stir continuously--ideal for stir frying--or intermittently to ensure a simmering soup's ingredients are well incorporated. 

The electric pot adjusts from 200º F to 400º F, allowing cooks to sauté, sear, braise, boil, or simmer, and the tempered glass lid helps retain moisture during cooking.

The 3 1/4-quart pot is made from cast aluminum that distributes heat evenly and the interior has a non-stick surface. Pot, spatula, and lid are dishwasher safe. Plugs into AC. 13" W x 9" D x 10 1/2" H. (8 3/4 lbs.) 
Source here.


  1. hi katrina, wow ! what a great invention...
    oh ya, the one who thought of the idea must be making tons of money
    As for the consumers, this is such a blessed thing to own.. makes easy life much easier.ha ha

    remember how difficult life was, during our granny days- no gas cooker even, let alone electrical appliances..
    we are very lucky and i hope you can own this special pot, pray its available locally soon :)

  2. Suppose it may assist with our rendangs, sambal and making fruit jams.

    2yrs ago I tried the Rendang Rembau (Betty's recipe), took hours to stir it dry, my maid did not sleep!! We decided never to do it again! But it turned out so good (first try).

    Looking forward to do again if I get hold of this special gadget. Love the Rendang Rembau, and it is not easy to find any these days..