Saturday, June 2, 2012

PYTHON “IN MY CLOSET” – Plantation Life (3)

Suppose I wouldn’t be here blogging today had the python slithered in and decide to rest in my closet! 

From day one I entered the jungle/plantation snakes~~ snakes~~ snakes ~~~~~~~~~~~~:>~ kept playing on my mind and our gardener found this behind the kitchen! I did not see how Haji Supardi caught the snake as I was hiding inside the house - of fright!

Later they assured me it was okay to come down (eeekkk they wanted me to get some pictures) so I braved myself and got these shots.
The python was still alive, somewhat in a dazed state; Haji Supardi is an expert snake catcher. 

They later released the python in the forest reserve away from the plantation.

What amazed me was how cool these people handled this reptile, eeekkk (squirming all over inside) so damn cool.


My kids grew up in this kind of environment, today all of them are avid animal lovers – zoos and pet shops are their favourite choice of visits since they were small. (Photo: with snake handler at Taiping Zoo, Malaysia).

(Photo: Crocodile farm Sandakan, Sabah, Malaysia)


  1. Yeeeks..Katrina???
    And your children are so brave!!
    Adoi..slumber jer muka diaorang..hehehe

  2. hi katrina, iisssh , my worst fear and your kids are having fun..ha ha
    if i were you, know they crawl into my kitchen and closet, i think every minute is a nightmare. ha'll never know, they also have neighbors and relatives housing in the same area.
    iisssh.. subject cose.
    have a nice day

  3. Hi mamasita/CV
    And in the rubber estates we had king cobras ~~~~~~:> worst, I heard it can spot us from metres away. Just cannot imagine how I survived those days. The crawlies were everywhere, huge centipedes/millipedes/spiders/lizards (tokek),large beetles etc. Irony we did not get any reports of anyone being bitten or attacked.


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