Monday, June 4, 2012

WORLD ENVIRONMENT DAY - Remembering Wangari Muta Maathai

The theme for 2012 is “Green Economy:
Does it include you?”,

The UN Environment Programme defines the Green Economy as one that results in improved human well-being and social equity, while significantly reducing environmental risks and ecological scarcities. In its simplest expression, a green economy can be thought of as one which is low carbonresource efficient and socially inclusive.

World Environment Day (WED)

… Is celebrated every year on the 5th June to raise global awareness of the need to take positive environmental action. It is run by the United Nations Environment Programme (UNEP)  

Remembering Wangari Muta Maathai

Wangari Muta Maathai 
(1 April 1940 – 25 September 2011) was a Kenyan environmental and political activist. In the 1970s, Maathai founded the Green Belt Movement, an environmental non-governmental organization focused on the planting of trees, environmental conservation, and women's rights

In 1986, she was awarded the Right Livelihood Award, and in 2004, she became the first African woman to receive the Nobel Peace Prize for "her contribution to sustainable development, democracy and peace."

In 2011, Maathai died of complications from ovarian cancer. More here.


  1. hi katrina, thanks for sharing about this great and honorable lady. i am for greens all the way..
    I noticed that all along roads the city, they regularly chop off the branches from the tress to avoid them from falling onto passing traffic- i feel it would make more sense, if these silly people plant hardy trees instead... so much talk about preserving greens...

    1. She was special and worthy of the Nobel Peace Prize indeed!

      Behind my house is a forest reserve (fortunately) and I told my kids years from now should anyone plan to destroy it in the name of development.... FIGHT against it!