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My 13 year old daughter is pouring endless questions about the female reproductive system,  menstruation, feelings, relationships, boys, beauty tips, personal hygiene, cooking etc. Initially it was merely the shy quick type of questions so I took for granted that she is going through the normal process of growing up. However these questions started to become more specific and intensified, that was when I suddenly realize”Goodness, my little girl is turning into a woman”.

The journey from childhood to womanhood is one of the most precious a female will encounter in her lifetime. So what path should a girl take? When does a girl become a woman?

As the mother of a daughter it is my job to teach her the responsibilities of becoming a young woman, to show her how to be caring, compassionate, how to treat others, how to handle stress and oh dear the list will go on and on! Irony is, being a woman I still need to learn on “how to teach my daughter to be a woman”.

I don’t really know what messages I am sending to my daughter and how those messages will affect her in ten or twenty years. What is really developmentally appropriate? In what way can the mother-daughter relationship play along this development pathway?

What happens during the Transition
from childhood to adulthood in the female brain..

The Teen Girl’s Brain
Louann Brizendine, M.D. – Professor of Clinical Psychiatry
Research on the aspects of the female brain 

 "The nature of puberty is physically created by our life force expanding toward maturity --when assisted by zooming hormones -- result in the amazing body changes we all can see. These same forces open a girl to new concepts; new ways of thinking and perceiving. Puberty is a time when many beliefs are formed or hardened, therefore, this time in a girl's life is the perfect opportunity for infusing positive thoughts and images into her awakening mature body/mind system. We must support girls and young women to see themselves for who they truly are - having unlimited creative potential."  Quote from article, Empowered Girls Will Change the World!"  
~ Dr. Pam Chubbuck

 Only 13months old and already learning?

Exciting isn’t it? I am off to the bookshops to look for more books for me “the mummy” and for her ‘the new little lady’ of my life. To all the wonderful mothers out there, the very best of luck to you and to your daughters too.

Happy exploring. 

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