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Obedient Wives Club update, first-class prostitutes - Belle de Jour

Obedient Wives Club update: ‘You’re mistaken’
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“I believe we have been misunderstood and misinterpreted. When we said that husbands should treat their wives like first-class prostitutes, we were not putting wives on the same level with prostitutes. We are talking about first-class elite types, not street hooker types.

"Our wives provide men with top-level service. However, ordinary prostitutes can only provide good sex, but not love and affection which only a wife can provide.

“Hence, as wives, we must treat our husbands better. It’s not just in bed, but everything that a wife can offer. Optimise your role. If we provide our husbands more than a prostitute can give, then our husbands will not go out looking for it.”...

I wanted to learn more on what the OWC meant by “that husbands should treat their wives like first-class prostitutes” ?


Secret Diary of A Call Girl is an adaptation of the blog,
and later the book written by a real London prostitute.

Vice has its virtues for Billie Piper. The actress has joined the ranks of Britain's best paid TV stars after agreeing a £400,000 deal to reprise the role of Belle de Jour.

Her commitment to a fourth series of The Secret Diary Of A Call Girl for ITV2 will see her earn £50,000 an episode.
In total, it is considerably more than the £100,000 which Brooke Magnanti - the real-life Belle whose diary inspired the TV series - says she earned in her time as a £300-an-hour prostitute.

Miss Piper's bumper pay packet puts the 27-year-old former singer some way ahead of most soap stars, and has surprised some because Secret Diary does not even air on ITV's main channel.

However, the series has been a ratings hit and when it debuted in 2007 it recorded an impressive 1.8million viewers, one of the biggest audiences for ITV2 since the digital channel was launched.

The fourth series is said to follow the character as she continues to juggle her double life as an author and an escort.
Filming for the show will begin later this year and ITV2 is hoping to screen the series from January 27, 2011.

Read more: here 

Q&A with the real Belle de Jour, inspiration for Secret Diary of a Call Girl

by Jillian Cohan
What were your impressions of the series?
I loved the look and feel of the show — the slightly dirty, hazy quality London has, almost as if it’s another character. And I thought the leads were very well cast.
So you think it was faithful to your writings?
That’s something we discussed when the show was being developed. Obviously, there are a lot of differences. Belle in the series doesn’t have a boyfriend, and she sees clients at her home, which I never did. But I felt that while only some of the clients depicted were based on ones I wrote about, the spirit of the writing was very well preserved.
Do you think Americans are more or less repressed when it comes to sexual issues than the British?
Everyone’s messed up about sex, just in all different ways.

Do you think the show will be more or less scandalous in the United States?
A difficult question. On the one hand, because sex for money is illegal in most of the U.S., it could be seen as encouraging a criminal lifestyle (prostitution is legal in the UK but pimps are illegal). But on the other hand, when the show aired in the UK, it came out at the same time as a new adaptation of Fanny Hill (a famous 1748 book that purported to be the memoir of a “woman of pleasure). In spite of the fact that the attitudes and subject matter were virtually identical, Secret Diary was given a critical beating, but Fanny Hill was somehow “classier” and beyond reproach. Maybe because everyone in my show has a funny accent, it will be seen as sufficiently high class to benefit from the Fanny Hill effect?
What attracted you to the business?
The money, and keeping my own hours; when I started I was still looking for a daytime job so needed to be free for that, which temping would not have allowed me to do.
What are the biggest presumptions people make about call girls that you’d like to dispel?
That we’re all emotional messes, or have drug problems or a history of abuse. That’s true for a lot of girls in the sex industry, but not all. I’m very tired of people assuming I must have a drug habit — I’ve never so much as even considered taking drugs.
Why did you decide to blog, and eventually write a book, about your experiences?
Quite simply because I couldn’t tell my friends about them. Funny things happened in the business, but because few of my friends knew at that time, I couldn’t have a laugh with them down at the pub like other people would. The blog gave me an opportunity to share the experiences and, initially, was more about what happens on the way to and from an appointment than during the act itself.
What would you like people to take away from your book or the series?
Probably that everyone has an internal life — from call girls to clients to just the average person on the street — and that a little empathy can go a very long way — especially in a city like London.

Belle de Jour blogger unmasks herself as 'big mouth ex- boyfriend' looms, Sunday 15 November 2009
Paul Gallagher and Peter Walker

Research scientist Dr Brooke Magnanti announces she is author of mysterious call girl blog and says she has no regrets about working as prostitute!

Read more here and here


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  1. hi katrina, i'd like to share with you a true story about my ex office mate..she speaks french, very westernised and has the model look.
    one day she told me in the office, in front of her own mum, that those who work as prostitutes are smarter because they make money out of the enegry spent.
    years later, she really became a hight class postitute, jet setting happily.
    now age catches up, those money making days are over..wonder how much she saved or may be none,cos dirty money never last. the pros did it for the money, there is no love and any man can feel that.. whtas the big deal to be like pros..just be like our grandparents ways, they were happily married tiil the end..90% are like that i think..chiao.congrats ,please collect your award(s) from my site..