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Sunday June 12, 2011
A happy man, a happy home

The newly-launched wives club catapulted to notoriety around the world recently when its vice-president Dr Rohaya Mohamed said the secret to a happy family and subsequently the solution to all of society's ills is a happy man at home, which can be achieved if women served their husbands like “first-class prostitutes”.

Police monitoring Obedient Wives Club
New Straits Times
Sun, Jun 12, 2011

ALOR STAR - The police are monitoring the Obedient Wives Club and will take action if it has flouted the law, said Home Minister Datuk Seri Hishammuddin Hussein. He said the club was linked to Global Ikhwan, an offshoot of the now-defunct Islamic religious movement Al-Arqam.

"At the moment, there is no evidence indicating that the club is a threat to national security.
"The police will, however, continue monitoring it, as well as other groups that could potentially jeopardise the country's security.


Tuesday June 7, 2011

Perak mufti supports Obedient Wives Club


IPOH: Perak mufti Tan Sri Harussani Zakaria has given his backing to the Obedient Wives Club, which offers “sex lessons” to help women keep their husbands.

Harussani, who recently banned the poco poco dance in Perak, said women needed to be reminded of their roles and responsibilities to their husbands.

The younger generation is too absorbed in cultures that are not their own. Wives must be very obedient to their husbands. - Tan Sri Harussani Zakaria .......................

Malaysian Orchids - zeezaa

Marriage is a commitment and a responsibility that should be fulfilled by both the husband and the wife. Sex is only one of the basic ingredients of a good marriage and there are so many other factors that need to be taken into consideration. Let us take a look at some very basic guidelines;

A Husbands Role/Responsibility towards his Wife

  • He should provide sustenance to his wife according his ability ( i.e. financial condition)
  • He should teach his wife the rulings of Deen and always urge her to accomplish good deeds.(Deen=submissive to the teachings of Allah)
  • Allow his wife to visit her Mahram relatives.
  • (Mahram=blood-related)
  • He should be patient at her unpleasant behaviours
  • (i.e. husbands must not be too harsh towards the wives)

A Husbands RIGHTS towards his Wife
  •  A husband should be respected by his wife in every way 
  • The husband has the right to a trustworthy and honest companionship with the wife 
  • The husband has a right to sexual intimacy with his wife. Unless if it considers a health issue among the couple. The wife is allowed to say “NO"
  • If the husband doesn’t like someone, then the wife shouldn’t allow them to come to their house, she also shouldn’t accept presents from such people. This is to avoid jealousy and friction between the couple. 
  • The husband's possessions are his wife’s trust. She needs to safeguard his property and possessions.


1. Shows good character and good manners towards his wife.
2. Doesn’t slack when it comes to the rights of his wife.
3. Does not check out any other woman other than his wife.
4. Learns and practises Islam and teaches his wife too.
5. Always there for his wife during times of distress.
6. Keeps his cool even when his wife hurts his feelings.
7. Appreciates his wife and forgives small mistakes.
8.  Helps out with household chores and doesn’t just leave them to the wife
9. Does his best to raise their children in an Islamic way.

A Wife’s Role/Responsibility towards her Husband
  •  Obeying the husband
  • Be grateful to the husband
  • Always seek permission from the husband
  •  Manage the husband’s wealth
  • Preserving herself (protect her honour)
  • Look after the husband’s welfare
  • Fulfill the husband’s needs
  • Look after the husband’s children

A Wife’s RIGHTS towards her Husband
  •  A wife has a right to choose her husband. If she doesn’t want to get married to someone her parents want her to marry then she has a right to refuse. So no woman can be forced to get married in Islam.       
  • If If she doesn’t like her husband due to valid reasons then she may also get a divorce and re-marry someone else.
  • She has a right to be a lady of leisure: 
  • she should not be forced to work to earn money (if she chooses to work, any money that she earns is her own and she has a right to spend it as she wishes)
  •  She also has the right of Mahr (wedding gift) and inheritance
  • She has a right to keep her surname.
  • She has a right to be treated with kindness.


1. Listens to her husband and does her best to please him.
2. Always considers her husband’s well being.
3. Does not give the husband stress but gives him peace of mind.
4. Does not spend more than her husband earns.
5. Helps her husband at the time of problems.
6. Has patience when the husband does not treat her justly.
7. Behaves and dresses modestly.
8. Learns and practises Islam and teaches her husband too.
9. Does her best to raise their children in an Islamic way.

Roles/Responsibilities of Spouses Together in a Marriage Relationship 

·       Be Partners in the Decision Making Process.
·       Work Together in the House
·       Communication is Important (talk to each other/give advises)
·       Have Meals Together
·       Live Simply
·       Admit Your Mistakes (avoid conflict)
·       Always be Forgiving (Forgive and Forget)

Best wishes and May Allah Bless Us All.


  1. hi katrina.. so many tips for married couples. i think no matter how obedient or good a wife is to her husband, the husband also must do the same.... since perfection is not easy to attain, especially when it comes to love and emotion, its very difficult to be ideally happpily married.
    it's from within...,you know what i mean. the temptations from within...

  2. Few years back (2000) this community had this shocking "ALAM BARZAKH" exhibition thingy in one of their shop-lots but I never drop in to see what was being displayed.

    I will always remember our 1st and last visit to RMN's house, I think she become totally involved wth this grp while in UK, definitely not from Malaysia.

    RMN, whereever you may be, I miss you, I wish you and your kids well!

  3. Of course it will never become a national threat because if ever the authorities come a calling, they can always practise the art of seduction.