Sunday, May 20, 2012

DRAMA-MOVIE ADDICTS – how to become one

“Phew Ma, do you know that Wilson refused treatment?” my eldest greeted me as I entered his room yesterday. 

Immediately I knew he was talking about "that" Wilson. (House M.D. "Holding On" Season 8 Episode 21).

Wilson who is the head of the Department of Oncology at Princeton-Plainsboro Teaching Hospital is being diagnosed with cancer with a projected five months to live. 

Having watched the transformation of hundreds of dying patients, Wilson tells House he's not going to do anymore chemo; he would much prefer to have five healthy months than a year or so laid up in a hospital room suffering terribly.  

House series is finally coming to an end this week.

Last week my 2nd son came home for the weekend and as soon as he saw me “Ma, Rowling is going to launch a new book this September – The Casual Vacancy.., I asked him why the sulky expression on his face, “Ooo that means no more Harry Potter, I sure am going to miss him, I kinda grew up with him you know” came his serious reply!

Details of Rowlings new novel, The Casual Vacancy were released by her publisher. The new book, to be published worldwide on 27 September including ebook and audio formats, begins with the unexpected death of Barry Fairweather, whose demise in his early 40s leaves a space on the parish council. 

And just two days ago my daughter came to me with red swollen eyes.

What happened, now who else got shot and died, or was it that old lady with cancer? Anyway, why are you so unhappy, I asked giggling at her.  

“Desperate Housewives has ended, I don't care who died, it is the end of the series that saddened me; I am really going to miss Gabby and the gang” was her reply.

Over the years ever since my kids were little I am forced to blend in and keep up with many of their favourites, even sing and dance to the tunes of Teletubbies, Barney and Friends, Barbie, Doraemon, Power Puff Girls, Dragon Ball etc.


Who says being a mother is easy?

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