Friday, May 18, 2012

Mother’s Day – My Special Amah.

Happy Mother’s Day Ahso!

This special lady is my house-help, my dear Amah who scolds  and ticks me as though I am her”naughty little daughter”.  We dearly love this lady, a mum to me and a grandmother to my kids; she is a 77years old Chinese lady! (Photo: my son and Ahso).

Buy or spend anything excessive, she will yak yak nonstop to teach us to be thriftier. She will nag my kids for not keeping their rooms clean or if they don’t listen to me.

When any one of us fell sick, she dots and fusses about like a bossy nurse, forcing us to eat all her home remedial specially prepared dishes. (she will wait until the whole bowl is empty!)

I have advised her many times to please please retire but no, she insisted saying that she loves working and will die if she stops.  Such a hardworking, dedicated, passionate and lovable lady she sings as she tends to her daily chores.


  1. hi katrina, wonder how many years she worked for you and at what age she retired.. i also wonder if i can have that kind of energy if i live up to that age. hmmm looking after lids as well.. she is one great lady// i already wished you, but i will you again..happy mothers day dear friend...
    have a great weekend with your family

    1. 1998 Ahso introduced me to a young Chinese girl, Ayee who workd for 4years, left to follow hubby to Ireland (Chinese Restaurant there). When I asked Ahso to find me a replacement, she volunteered her services, since year 2002.
      Remember when I was single, I got a Chinese couple to help clean my apartment? Ever since, I always prefer our local Chinese helpers. My in-laws n neighbours find my preferance strange - My kids are thrilled always getting presents and Angpows for both Hari Raya and Chinese New Year from them.They become so part of our family.
      Ahso is very well respected around here for her 'age' and her 'work ethics' - cant afford to be lazy around her! See, she effortlessly climbs and sit at the top of ladders to scrub the ceiling fans and the windows!
      A real fantastic lady!


  2. hi katrina, wow ! ! that is really fantastic..