Tuesday, May 8, 2012

TEACHERS DAY - To Sir With Love


To All My Wonderful Teachers – Thank You
To all my kids’ lovely teachers – Thank you
“Al - Fatihah to Cikgu Zaiton”


  1. Hi katrina, always remembered your late father being on of the greatest headmaster around- i remembered your article about the lady and brother, whom your parents used to provide them lunch during school days. God bless both your parents- al fatihah..

    On another note, a very HAPPY MOTHERS DAY TO YOU>>> syukran you ada anak2 yang baik- rezki you la tu . have a wonderful sunday

    1. Hi CV,
      Yay, once a teacher even for a minute, you are a teacher for life.

      My late dad + mum would provide free lunch in our home for the very very poor students, orphans stayed in our home to complete their studies; over the years 23 orphans. Those days teachers are truly dedicated and special.

      The Imam Masjid Negara who married me off was his ex-student. The Imam Masjid TTDI who performed the solat jenazah for both my late parents, was also his ex-student. There were many occasions when I dine out with my kids and the bills were paid by strangers, I suspect must have been by many of his ex-students.

      MOTHER'S DAY, TQ TQ for your wishes..
      Today - I taught my son & doter how to cook my mum's speciality, chilli con carne as this dish is my kids' all time favourite.

      Send my wishes to your mum, always will remember her gentle smiles..