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GIANT STEPS, Awaken the power within, Anthony Robbins, Managing grief – loss of loved ones in a family.You ve got a friend

Unlimited Power
Awaken the Giant Within

Section 7

You are the source of all your emotions. At any moment you can create or change them. So why don’t we? For most of us, feeling bad is “natural,” yet we have to have a reason to feel good. But you don’t need an excuse to allow yourself to feel good. You can just decide to feel good right now, simply because you’re alive, simply because you want to. You don’t have to wait for anything or anyone!
............Anthony Robbins

There comes a time in your life
when you’re down and troubled,
nothing . . .nothing is going right?

There are times in your life
that you feel the sky above you,
grows dark and full of clouds?

There are times in your life
when people can be so cold,
They’ll hurt you,
and desert you
and take your soul if you let them?

 Are those words familiar to you? For those who once loved Carole King, these are parts from the lyrics of her song “You’ve got a friend”.

Both my parents died in the same year, merely six months apart. The first time having to experience the loss of loved ones in my life, I was shattered. It took me a long time to overcome the feelings of sorrow.

Two years later, when I thought I have gotten over the heartache and came to terms, finally accept that death is inevitable, that they are gone forever, I received another big blow; another member of my family followed them.

Three beloved and dear ones in my life died within 2 years and I was left stunned, dazed beyond words and was floating around aimless and confused! It is one real messy feeling inside. Hurt, angry, pain, dizziness, questions, everything cramping into my brain at the same time, just beyond control.

Fortunately this time around I was better prepared I snap back into reality, very fast. Once, twice is enough, I did not want to go through the same process of sadness and having to endure those same pains all over again. What did I do?


Yes, that was exactly what I did. I spent the whole day going from one bookstore to another looking for BOOKS.. Self Help books to help me overcome these strange feelings of grief boiling, and squeezing silently inside me for the last two years.

I cannot remember all the Self Help books I buy, desperately grabbed whatever from the shelves. So many of them some elaborate, some complicated but one book that I still have until today is, this amazing book (appearing as is, over the years seasoned and spent);

The action signals of overload, overwhelm, grief, depression and helplessness occur when we think of all the things that have happened to us that we cannot control.
You must break the situation down
into simple steps.

Anthony Robbins suggests 4 simple solutions to help you. You can find those tips from his exceptionally inspiring book “AWAKEN THE GIANT WITHIN”.

This article is dedicated to the special people in my life;

Zainon, Sera, Aidyll,
Hannan, Anwar and Ulya.


  1. hi katrina, glad you found anthony robbins.
    as for me , i find my way out of negative feelings of restlessness, void and sadness by reading spiritual books like ihya' ulumiddin by imam ghazali... always works without fail..