Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Zhang Yin one of the richest women in the world, a self made billionaire. From waste to wealth



 Few years ago, this ever so familiar sound would greet us at least 3 times a day. It just gets into your head and you will have even little kids humming to the tune. As Malaysia is a multi racial country, the messages came in four different languages – Bahasa Malaysia (our National Language), English, Chinese dialects and Tamil. Today these Lorries are being replaced by collection centres. 

Really do miss the sound!  
So what is so special about these old news papers?

China's 'Queen of Trash' finds riches
in waste paper – Business
Images: Chinadaily

Zhang Yin and her husband were driving around the United States in a used Dodge Caravan minivan, begging garbage dumps to give them their scrap paper. Ms. Zhang took that memory all the way to the bank. 

As a result of her entrepreneurship, Zhang Yin is now among the richest women anywhere in the world, a self made billionaire.

Zhang Yin (born 1957) also known by her Cantonese name Cheung Yan, is the founder and director of the family company Nine Dragons Paper Holdings, a recycling company that buys scrap paper from the United States, imports it into China, and mainly turns it into cardboard for use in boxes to export Chinese goods. The company is China's biggest paper maker.

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  1. hi katrina, I like this post.. At my area, the surat kahbar lama song is still in the air, tho not so frequent as before.. A new lyric added ie. Besi buruk…. Surat khabar lama…besi buruk 
    It sure proves that money is not through education papers… its destiny, else we can get whatever we want and whenever we want it –

    The Chinese call it LUCK.. that’s why they have feng shui , jade etc
    This poor rag lady sure has a mega stroke of mega luck- wow billionaire….ooops!!!

    Good luck to us, no ideas yet, will revert to you, if i have any great ones . have a nice day