Friday, October 21, 2011

Bra –Teen First Bra 2011- slides, A USD2.5million bra?

The initial shopping trip to purchase a first bra for your teenage daughter can be a memorable and exciting experience ! Gives out the same overwhelming feeling just like that special moment when as a baby, you saw her make her precious first steps!

Every girl is different in their ways. Some girls will be anxious about wearing a bra for the first time and others will be more hesitant. Some may feel very self-conscious, there are those terribly shy ones bra shopping can also be awkward and embarrassing for many. For most girls, their first bra "can represent adolescence, better things to come, an entry into the adult world," said Deborah Day, a clinical psychologist in Maitland, Fla.

  Buying the right bra for girls

It's always necessary to have a try-on session with a first bra. Some outlets may have someone at the lingerie counter to measure her, to give advice, help her put it on, adjust the straps. However if she finds it embarrassing, you might want to measure her at home before you head out, and have the measurements ready with you. Here are some tips on how to determine the right measurements

  • Take a tape and measure around the ribcage, just below the breasts. Make sure the tape is tight, but not too tight.

  • If the number is even, add four inches to get your chest size. If you measure 28, for example, add four and look for bras in size 32.

  • If the number you measure is odd, add five to get your size. So if you're 29 inches, you'll look for bras in size 34.

  • Then measure around the fullest part of the breast. 
  • Subtract the chest measurement from the breast measurement to get a cup size. If it measures less than an inch, the cup is an AA. (If it's 1 inch, A. If it's 2 inches, B. If it's 3 inches, C. If it's 4 inches, D). Calculator here

Beginning bras (called training bras, starter bras and bralette), cami or sports bra are good first bra options. Most training bras come in white cotton. They’re versatile and can hide easily under most of her clothing.

And you may want to get her a more “fun” bra too. They come in all kinds of colors and can make her first bra-shopping experience even more memorable.

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A $2.5 million bra!
Victoria's Secret model Miranda Kerr poses with The Fantasy Treasure Bra, designed by London Jewelers, during a presentation in New York on Wednesday, Oct. 19, 2011. Kerr will wear the bra, valued at $2.5 million, and featuring 142 carats of diamonds in the 2011 Victoria's Secret Fashion show airing Tuesday, Nov. 29 on CBS. (AP Photo/StarPix, Marion Curtis)




Japanese recycle used bras into industrial fuel.

Triumph International provided its customers with plastic bags at some of its stores this spring, encouraging them to bring old bras, including other brands. More here


  1. A very informative post yet so amusing..hehehe..thanks for the research and suggestions.

  2. Hi mamasita, I am walking through these experiences with my 14yr old, hehe.. only daughter, do you know she was asking me about corsets yesterday! Here we are just about bra, she is already going into corsets! haha

    She is from the ‘shy group’. Did not want to even do the shopping with me or allow me to measure her. My neighbour has 5daughters so we did the shopping for her, not so difficult mainly the training and sports bra – measurements, agak-agak! .

    My first bra shopping with her was a year later – by this time she was prepared, she even allowed the lovely sales lady to go inside the changing room with her (not me) from A-Z and did all the payments herself (ie did not even allow me to see what the two of them chose!). Still shy with mummy!