Monday, October 10, 2011

Young boys hairstyles and haircuts 2011 – slides, £15,000 most expensive haircut in the world

 Braids and cornrows

My son came home from college sporting a new look – I could hardly see one of his eyes while talking to him – “bang” said he! Side bangs are one of those hairstyles that give off a flirty yet laid-back vibe.  Oh wow!

Most teenage boys and men generally these days have become much more expressive and trendy in terms of hairstyle. As a mum I do monitor what transpires in my kids community chats etc. Just to get a haircut they will post out queries and get hundreds of comments and feedbacks from friends - tips, suggestions and opinions what style will suit him best etc. They are as intense as any other girl their age about hairstyles. Well, even the Sultan of Brunei is said to have paid £15,000 to get a London barber to trim his hair in what is believed to be the most expensive haircut ever (here).

It is indeed exciting to see the many different styles that are popular currently among boys of all ages. The boy’s shag has become very popular due to entertainers such as Justin Beiber. (Watch celebrity Beiber bangs here). Stars like Johnny Depp, who sports his hair in long layers, Taylor Lautner and Robert Pattinson from the Twilight films are other celebrities that teens model their hairstyles from.

Emo and Scene are also amongst the favourite teenage boys’ hair styles of 2011. It makes them look cool and trendy. When it comes to short hairstyles the crew cut is still the favourite.

School's refusal to let boy wear cornrow braids is ruled racial discrimination,
Friday 17 June 2011

A 13year old boy's family wins case in high court against Harrow College that bans 'gang-related' hairstyles. 

He was refused entry to St Gregory's Catholic Science College in Kenton, Harrow, north London, in 2009 because he wears his hair in cornrows.

The test case decision is a victory for the family of the African-Caribbean teenager, who wears his hair in cornrow braids as part of a family tradition. Here.



  1. Hi Katrina, To me it’s great news that the Caribbean won the case, they should not ban the cornrow braids, it wont harm anyone- silly ban.
    If it is anything the authorities should ban, it should be those hairstyle that can pose danger to society- i mean, where the identity of the person’s face is hidden behind the hair. ha ha ha.
    I saw once in the KTM, a girl, having half her face closed with a hair fringe. Can’t see both her eyes, although she is able to see the world with much difficulty. LOL. (I am not exaggerating) What if actually, that was a guy in hiding, cos he is “wanted by the authorities”. Either that OR the girl does’nt know how to appreciate the sun.
    My 14 year old nephew has straight hair like normal guys, to me it is not difficult to manage. Then he told me that his hair needs “Bonding” ha ha ha… what to do. I conclude this is a restless world, nothing can satisfy. Don’t you agree?

  2. Those hairstyles are indeed unusual with what we've been used to, but if we think about it over the years the same happened with other hairstyles. People always had prejudice against certain looks and it's time for our society to stop judging people based on certain aspects of their look.

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