Monday, October 17, 2011

Teenage Life Be Happy – Andrew Matthews

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Being a teenager is the most memorable and joyous years of my life. I spent the most part of my teenage years in an all girls’ boarding school, surrounded with friends of  same age group learning, sharing, giggling and growing up together. 

We had our seniors to check on us (college-sisters assigned to each junior) the Matron and teachers monitoring and disciplining our every move - and our lives were practically being ruled by the bells. 

So what happens if you are now raising your teenage kids at home especially teenage boys, (I don't have the slightest idea) and have to equip yourself to answer their endless daily queries about life? 

Teenagers ways of life and exposures are so different from ours with all the latest technologies available to them today, they are moving so fast ahead - it can be frustrating and nerve wrecking if you don’t come up with the right moves!

Andrew Matthews’ books

On their 12th birthdays I normally gift wrap these books as presents to my kids and they loved them!

Andrew Matthews’ books including "Happiness Now", "Follow Your Heart", "Being Happy!", "Making Friends", and "Being a Happy Teenager" are now published in 38 different languages with sales of over 5 million copies in 60 countries.

Many of Andrew’s books are also used as training manuals and reference books by psychologists and psychiatrists the world over. In the USA there are even university courses based on his books.

He has appeared on 3,000 radio and TV programs on 4 continents. Andrew is a much sought after speaker worldwide. More here

Enjoy reading and most of all "BE HAPPY!"


  1. Thanks so much for the info..:D
    I'll keep a lookout for these books from now on..

  2. Hi katrina, i guess giving your children Andrew's books as birthday presents was the right thing to do then. Did they read the books? I am sure they do, because you brought them up that way...but what about most parents today.

    May be by now, Andrew has them in the form of Audio books- this way, these teenagers can listen to it (or be made to listen) while playing video games or while surfing the net... perhaps along the way, share some of Andrew's tips with their facebook friends.

    Over here,we were encouraged to be a reading society, but i don't see this happening in public places, especially in train commuters and shopping complexes..

    Ha ha, i always see these teenagers with MP3, mobile phone sms or chats... their smiling faces came from the jokes they shared via/ in cyber. Not even one was reading a magazine or newspaper, let alone books..

    I do wonder at times too- how are today's parents going to tone down their children to take a break from cyber activities- so much time will be wasted in this life, once they get engrossed in playing video games for too long, daily addiction.

    I never read,but let's hope Andrew's books can motivate many teenagers towards quality life... is a happy life

  3. Hi CV,
    The POWER of books (right ones of cos) can be TRULY amazing!

  4. I agree with CV, most teenagers are hooked to MP3 and so on, can"t really see that anyone reads a quality book but what you did is a great example to nurture this healthy trend.

    Glad to know that you love baking, yes you can link my blog and look forward to exchange recipes with you...