Saturday, October 29, 2011

Study away from home - BROKE? - History of Instant Cup Noodles


When you study away from home, what happens when you discover your money will not last you to the end of the month? As a student I had my fair share of the famous word ‘BROKE’! How did we manage those days? Nostalgia!

'Cup Noodles' Museum Celebrates 40 Years of Salty Goodness’

Yoshikazu Tsuno /
AFP / Getty Images

Wall of Wonderous Lunch

In 1958, Momofuku Ando invented "CHICKEN RAMEN ", the world's first instant noodle product. His achievement brought a revolution in culinary culture. In 1971, he developed "CUP NOODLE ", the world's first cup-type noodle product. 

That seed sown by Momofuku Ando has grown into an industry that supplies 91.6 billion servings annually to consumers throughout the world. 

In the editorial in its January 9, 2007 edition, the New York Times expressed appreciation for the achievements of "Mr. Noodles," who it said deserved an eternal place in the pantheon of human achievement. here.


  1. hi katrina, wow, did'nt realise that the instant noodles cup "Tycoon is Japanese". Mr. Noodles sure look very cheerful up there ha ha ha.

    And the so many varieties displayed in your pic above looks very appetizing from far :) When i saw that pic- in came my instant thoughts- "Well, this does'nt look like a broke guy's lunch..they each probably cost more than a kg of rice.. ha ha ha
    Of course our maggi noodles still cost rm1, that is the cost of "one third kg" of ordinary rice.

    Quite a number of times i read foodie bloggers- from Emirates posting "Maggi noodles soup".
    So, Mr.Maggi instant noodles from Malaysia, must be exporting a lot too.
    Funny thing is, those bloggers advise to throw away the spicy sachet enclosed, because they contain msg. They only use the dried noodles and prepare their own ingredients..ha ha ha- its no more instant cooking.

    I quit eating this instant noodles for many years, but started again this year, all because i am too busy blogging to cook much.

    My young nephews and neices who stay with their wealthy parents, still eat a lot of instant noodles, with sausages and eggs added to it. No veggies please.

    It fills up 1 large bowl- the maids must be very lucky. A common lunch menu.
    That's why Mr. Noodles up there never stop smiling, until all his facial veins shows ha ha ha. Thanks a lot, i find this post amusing..

  2. Hi CV,
    The late Mr Momofuku was born to Taiwanese parents and became a Japanese citizen (so says the bio).

    Recently saw Mamee with Duck Flavour Mee!These days parents are having problems with kids, some of their children prefer these instant noodles to their mums tasty cooked meals!

    For a decent meal outside, these days averaging RM5-RM7,(even the 1Msia meals charge RM4.50) this sure is still a life saver food, I think for 6packets cost only RM4!- break an egg and throw some veges, still is considered a cheap meal.

    The cups are more expensive though..

  3. Thanks for sharing this interesting fact about instant noodle! Though it was labelled unhealthy but most of us still consider having them for a quick fix meal and extremely cost effective too..

  4. This is probably one of the foods I most commonly eat. I usually add other things to the noodles and I do it because it's a cheap and fast way. They will always have a special place in my heart.