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Meltdown - world's biggest financial collapse

Lehman Brothers bank collapse

AL Jazeera English

Meltdown is a four-part investigation that takes a closer look at the people who brought down the financial world. The crash of September 2008 brought the largest bankruptcies in world history, pushing more than 30 million people into unemployment and bringing many countries to the edge of insolvency. Wall Street turned back the clock to 1929.

Part 1 -
The men who crashed the world

In the first episode of Meltdown - about who brought down the global economy. More here.

Part 2 -
A global financial tsunami

In the second episode of Meltdown - how the financial tsunami swept the world.  More here.

Part 3 - Paying the price

The third episode of Meltdown looks at how the victims of the 2008 financial crash fight back. More here

Part 4  -  After the fall

In the final episode of Meltdown, we hear a Wall Street king charged with fraud and more here.


‘Aftershock’ Book Predicts Economic Disaster Amid Controversy

Newsmax’s eye-opening Aftershock Survival Summit video, with exclusive interviews and prophetic predictions. Initially screened for a private audience, this gripping video exposed harsh economic truths and garnered an overwhelming amount of feedback. here

Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Zhang Yin one of the richest women in the world, a self made billionaire. From waste to wealth



 Few years ago, this ever so familiar sound would greet us at least 3 times a day. It just gets into your head and you will have even little kids humming to the tune. As Malaysia is a multi racial country, the messages came in four different languages – Bahasa Malaysia (our National Language), English, Chinese dialects and Tamil. Today these Lorries are being replaced by collection centres. 

Really do miss the sound!  
So what is so special about these old news papers?

China's 'Queen of Trash' finds riches
in waste paper – Business
Images: Chinadaily

Zhang Yin and her husband were driving around the United States in a used Dodge Caravan minivan, begging garbage dumps to give them their scrap paper. Ms. Zhang took that memory all the way to the bank. 

As a result of her entrepreneurship, Zhang Yin is now among the richest women anywhere in the world, a self made billionaire.

Zhang Yin (born 1957) also known by her Cantonese name Cheung Yan, is the founder and director of the family company Nine Dragons Paper Holdings, a recycling company that buys scrap paper from the United States, imports it into China, and mainly turns it into cardboard for use in boxes to export Chinese goods. The company is China's biggest paper maker.

Read more on Zhang Yin here and here and here.

Sunday, September 25, 2011

Youth Programme Roots & Shoots - Dame Dr. Jane Goodall DBE, UN Messenger of Peace, Renowned chimpanzee expert, primatologist, ethologist and anthropologist,

Dame Dr. Jane Goodall, DBE ,
(elevated by Queen Elizabeth II, the equivalent to knighthood),

Roots creep underground everywhere and make a firm foundation. Shoots seem very weak, but to reach the light, they can break open brick walls. Imagine that the brick walls are all the problems we have inflicted on our planet. Hundreds of thousands of roots & shoots, hundreds of thousands of young people around the world, can break through these walls. We CAN change the world.                      
                                                                                      - Dr. Jane

World renowned chimpanzee expert and UN Messenger of Peace, Jane Goodall - She became interested in issues surrounding peace after realising at her work with chimpanzees in Gombe, Tanzania that local people were struggling to make a living.  Ms Goodall has since started her own youth programme, Roots and Shoots.

A Powerful Global Network

In 1991, a group of 16 local teenagers met with Dr. Jane Goodall on her back porch in Dar es Salaam, Tanzania. They were eager to discuss the deforestation, pollution and poverty they saw in their community that was causing them deep concern. These motivated young people wanted to learn, but more than that, they wanted to take action and they hoped to inspire their peers to join the effort. Dr. Jane was impressed by their compassion, their energy and their desire to develop grassroots solutions to problems.

These young people, with Dr. Jane’s guidance, founded the first Roots & Shoots group, starting a network that now includes 150,000 young people working on service projects in 110 countries worldwide.  

Roots & Shoots offers a wealth of resources and networking opportunities for kids, teens, parents, educators, college students, group leaders and supporters alike. The uniquely designed program connects people of every age, race, culture, religion or economic background in a vibrant global network and offers opportunities for every individual to:
  • Learn about environmental, animal and humanitarian issues affecting our world
  • Share insights, ideas and inspiration for making positive change
  • Grow in ways that enrich lives—as individuals, as members of the local community and as global citizens of our world.

Source and more here and here.

Saturday, September 24, 2011

Gender Equality -Think Equal -

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05 Oct 2011

The price of oppressing your women

When poor countries choose to oppress their own women, they are to some extent choosing their own continued poverty. Female oppression is a moral issue; but it also must be seen as a choice that countries make for short-term "cultural" comfort, at the expense of long-term economic and social progress.. Here.


Gender equality matters in its own right but is also smart economics: Countries that create better opportunities and conditions for women and girls can raise productivity, improve outcomes for children, make institutions more representative, and advance development prospects for all, says a new World Bank flagship report.

 “Blocking women and girls from getting the skills and earnings to succeed in a globalized world is not only wrong, but also economically harmful,” said Justin Yifu Lin, World Bank Chief Economist and Senior Vice-President, Development Economics. “Sharing the fruits of growth and globalization equally between men and women is essential to meeting key development goals.” 

“Focused domestic public policies remain the key to bringing about gender equality,” said Ana Revenga, WDR Co-Director.  “And to be effective, these policies will need to address the root causes of gender gaps. For some problems, as with high maternal mortality, this will require strengthening the institutions that deliver services. 

For other gaps, as with unequal access to economic opportunities, policies will need to tackle the multiple constraints –in markets and institutions- that keep women trapped in low productivity/ low earning jobs.”  
Read more here and here.

Press Release No:2012/065/DEC
WASHINGTON, September 18, 2011


In many developing countries, women lack a voice in their households, communities, and governments, as well as access to resources. Increasing woman’s economic opportunities and participation—such as through access to land, financial services and other resources—can promote woman’s status and help their countries reduce poverty and develop faster. More here.



 Women make up the majority of unpaid workers worldwide. Only 15% of landowners and one in five lawmakers globally are women. More girls are out of school than boys. Violence against women is still widespread.

With these facts in mind, the World Bank says it’s time to increase woman’s economic opportunity and their voice in decision making. A World Bank open forum, called “Think Equal” hosted in September looked at what changes need to be made in the world for women and men to be equal.

Listen to the recorded live webcast debate hosted by CNN International's Hala Gorani with a distinguished panel of experts including World Bank President Zoellick, Nike Foundation Founder and CEO - Maria Eitel. Open Forum "Think Equal" Part1 – to Part 9 here
 What does EQUAL mean to you?

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What are the qualities in men that attract women? Independent Living & Training Centre (ILTC)

The most expensive engagement ring is the one Paris Kasidokostas Latsis gave to Paris Hilton when he proposed to her in 2005. It had a huge emerald cut cubic zirconia center stone and flanked by two trillion in white gold.
Paris Hilton later auctioned off this $4.7 million engagement ring for the victims of Hurricane Katrina. HERE.

Early this year, a couple so in love with each other came to see me for their special surprise announcement. After knowing each other for only 2months, they decided to get married! Nothing will ever change their mind, they are so “IN LOVE” and everything sounded so perfect.

There are many lucky ones where love at first sight leads to a long lasting happy marriage.

However, 5months into marriage, I started getting late night calls from this frantic new bride. She was shocked, on and on pouring her endless tales of sorrow - the man of her dream is now giving her nightmares!

Oh why must it be me to have to listen to all her ramblings? I am no marriage counselor, however her woes were so sad, pleading and touched me deeply. A wrong word of advice from me can be explosive and disastrous!

Women have their own fantasies in life, to find the ideal man, get married, raise his wonderful kids and lead a perfect life together. No two women are alike and even individual preferences in men differ however all women crave more or less the same qualities in men. What are the qualities in men that attract women?


The man’s job is to be the provider and women hold men to that very idea, and as Muslims the Quran clearly laid down the roles and responsibilities expected of a husband and a wife in a marriage. (Many good books around, just in case we need to brush up on this topic). Responsibilities cover a wide area of expectations;
  • That you are financially responsible or at least having a steady job that will generate regular income for the family. 
  • Having good judgement, it represents maturity in men, and maturity is all about responsibility and a man with good judgment will help to provide a stable family life.
  • Coming up with sound and firm decisions - when it comes to making important decisions, women expect men to be in charge and to make the right moves. Talk and discuss things out rationally so both are in agreement.

Women like to be able to count on their man at all times, especially during troubled times. 

.......An exceptional lady I truly adore and admire once related her story “I stepped on a brick and suddenly fell down while drying the clothes and was unable to move. The very moment my husband heard from the doctors that I will be paralyzed for life, waist down, without giving any warning, he packed his bag and left us, my little 2year old baby girl and I were left stranded".


Sheer determination and for the love of life, she now helps manage a self-help center  Independent  Living”, (ILTC MALAYSIA). This center was formed by the disable and for the disable (men and women).

Women value trust and understanding - one of the most important characteristics in a relationship. A faithful man makes his woman feel appreciated, special and loved.

Be honest, it insults and hurtful if you’re cheating on her. Why must you cheat on someone who had so much trust and confidence in you? 

Having a sense of humour is one of the most wonderful gifts in life. They say laughter is the best medicine. Indeed it is, cheap and effortless. It is not difficult, right? Look at what Mr Bean is giving to the people all around the world. Fun and laughter and millions simply adore him!

Women need not only financial security (not a priority today as many women have their own career) but most importantly the physical security from men to protect her at all time. God created us such that males will forever be of the stronger gender. 

Women seek to connect with men who are generally wiser and smarter than they are to enjoy mental and emotional stimulation - helps a long way to keep the relationship interesting and exciting.

These will be felt even by your kids, who will boast and impress their friends that their father is the best, yes this confidence will be felt by all in the family.

Affection can take many forms such as kind gentle words expressed with warm heartfelt sincerity; touch and physical affection are critical to women because they view it as a strong expression of love, concern and caring.

Kindness, sweet words and physical touch are also healing to the spirit and help to deepen the connection between the two.  Express your affection through simple gestures, small gifts or taking her for a deserving holiday as means to show your appreciation for all her sacrifices taking good care of your home.

Affection is another gift from God, it comes naturally.

Mind your manners in front of a woman. Girls are usually affectionately protected by their parents since they were born and it can be a shocking experience to see their man acting so rude or with no proper manners.

And keep up with your sense of hygiene. Women strive to ensure they look beautiful for you at all times and they will expect the same from you. 

This can be a very significant contribution to a happy relationship or a marriage. Imposing and interfering in-laws may be a determining factor to a healthy relationship or may destroy it altogether, keep this in check at all times.

There are many more qualities that a woman looks for in a man. No one person can have all the qualities as above, men or women alike. To build a happy home is never easy but once we make a decision to take someone as our soul-mate we have to learn to do our best to ensure a long and happy lifetime together.

So gentlemen out there, treat your woman with
care and gentleness, we all depend on your strength
to guide us for a better future.
May God bless us all..

PS: The picture of Paris Hilton and her $4.7m engagement ring is for illustration purposes only. I got one like this, plain and simple and am happy!

What about Terry Wayne Fator and a wedding ring? Read here.

Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Stamps Collecting Hobbies, Ceylon – Sri Lanka, Pen Friends.

 Ceylon Under British Rule / Dominion
Stamps bearing the pictures of;
King George V (Reign from 1910-1936) and
King George VI (Reign from 1936 – 1952)

Stamp collecting is not the same as philately, which is the study of stamps. A philatelist may, but does not have to, collect stamps.  There are specific terms which refer to some specialized areas of stamp-collecting; for example, the collection and study of airmail stamps is called 'aerophilately'.

Many casual stamp collectors accumulate stamps for sheer enjoyment and relaxation without worrying about the tiny details. Stamp collecting is a joyous pastime. With each stamp lies a story behind. The historical, geographical, political, economics, events, religion etc of a nation - recorded on the small piece of stamp! Those days none would ever imagine these hobbies one day can generate into some form of profit? 

Leaders and personalities,
Religion; Buddhist, Hindu and Islam,
Mile’s last letter with a Sri Lanka stamp

 Rice planting, tea and coconut
Different types of animals in Ceylon/Sri Lanka

When I was young I had pen friends from many countries and was fortunate as my pen pals collect stamps too.  Those days we don’t buy, we rely on exchanges; “you give me a 1950 dated stamp or one with a picture of the Queen, I will give you same from my country” - that childish kind of bargaining we had back then. LOL.

One of my pen pal was from Ratnapura, Ceylon (Now Sri Lanka) and lives in a Tea Plantation. He was from mixed families, British father married a local Sinhanese lady. His last letter to me with a Sri Lanka (new name) stamp came in 1972 when Ceylon became a Republic; changing its name from Ceylon to Sri Lanka.

A lot of things happened in Ceylon/Sri Lanka during those period, we lost contact since. To my dearest pen pal Miles, wherever you may be today, these stamps of Ceylon (over 100 pieces in my collection) came from you, “thank you”.