Thursday, March 29, 2012

FRIENDS are FOREVER – Arabic belly dance for fitness

Twenty-eight little 7yr old girls met for the first time on our first day at school and many years on remain as one big family. Coming from different backgrounds, race and religion some later went to different schools and lived in different towns/ overseas during high school and higher studies. 

I can clearly remember the faces and the names of our Principal, Reverend Mother Aloysius and my class teacher, Sister John – such caring, gentle and loving teachers that will forever remain in our hearts. I believe our school and the teachers played a huge role in keeping our beautiful school years’ memories intact, precious and special.

Today we are spread out across the country; some have migrated to Australia, United Kingdom and the United States of America. To keep our memories alive and connections going, every month we organize a get-together, each taking turns to host the gatherings in our homes.  

Food? Delicious and Plentiful… Potluck… 


Roasted Turkey, grilled lamb, Mamak fried noodles, Briani rice, Roti Jala/chicken curry, fried buttered prawns, selection of Nyonya desserts, cakes, fruits - well just bring a little of anything where all can share and enjoy our day together. 

SR - had no time to cook so she brought roses and daisies from her garden and distributed to all. At one of the gatherings ZA brought along with her an Arabic Belly Dance instructress to entertain us and teach us belly dancing..........

Uh.. ah..... Ladies, this is one good form of exercise to do in the comfort of your own homes, fun and very relaxing!.

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