Friday, March 2, 2012

Students - the food they survive on.

Students and the food they eat neatly summarised in pictures - picked this clip from my son’s group facebook... 

I had my fair share facing similar situations while I was a student many years ago – instant noodles!

Sad - why can’t the authorities look more closely and help resolve this issue?


  1. Interesting... I remember having instant noodles every now and then during my study. My friends and I would try various of brands and flavors to compare :)

  2. hi katrina, instant noodles is ok once in a while, but it is unhealthy- preservatives to name one.
    these noodles takes about 2 days to digest in the tummy, tho it looks soft.. it is the coating on the noodles that is not easily digested by our system.
    i wan informed on this by the theraphy people.