Friday, March 23, 2012

Throw Away Your Worries – Breaking Point

I was having breakfast with my friend yesterday at a restaurant (chuckling and laughing at her jokes) when a group sitting next to our table suddenly turned their attention towards me and one of the men casually commented “Ahh... look at Katrina, a person with no worries.. sooooo relax!” 

Eh? Apparently they were having some heated early morning discussion about life in general, fretting and grumbling nonstop.

So this is how people here see me all these while? What else can I say except throw them my usual smile? 

hmmm “”If only they knew!”” that a few years back I was struggling within and was once on anxiety pills - “panic attack” said the doctor. “Try as much to avoid stress, change your ways of life” he advised.

I was given anxiety pills by the doctors; I sadly confided to my best friend over the phone… “Oh oh, that’s a mild dose of medication, doctors usually will give to psychiatric patients a stronger one (Crudely put in Malay - Ubat untuk Orang Gila). This definitely is bad news!”.

She drove all the way from Kulim and we spent the weekend analyzing and discussing my ‘panic attack’ – I had to get an honest outside opinion of what is actually wrong with me.

Many women especially Single Mothers these days have to work full time in high stress jobs plus take care of the house and kids. This is definitely not an easy task, however, sadly to note our society places very uncompassionate demands on us women.

Without realizing, ‘silly we’ unconsciously submit/comply to these expectations hence pushing ourselves unnecessarily – finally, at one point somehow your “sanity” just cannot cope and you will eventually explode.

I am not going to waste any more of my precious time being a slave to my worries. I decided to spring-clean my brain. 

Breaking Point - 
Why Women Fall Apart and 
How They Can Re-create Their Lives  

by Martha Nibley Beck is an interesting read, a real eye opener.

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  1. hi katrina, wow, you were on anxiety pills before? i always never imagine you can be that disoriented. glad its all over.
    i have learnt to manage stress for a few years now... have a nice day

    1. I live in a close knitted community, the elders are great friends of my late parents, always there for us. Stress management, I learn a lot from them!

      Point #9 of Martha Beck's question "How much junk could a chic chick chuck if a chic chick could chuck junk?" sayings by Lao of the main causes of stress I had to endure all those years. I have managed to master this art beautifully...