Thursday, November 17, 2011

Dead Toddler Tyler Dasher's Mother Told Cops She Beat Him Because He Wouldn't Stop Crying

Hello everyone, what is happening to our world today? Babies cry because they are hungry, wet, and need attention or simply telling us they are not feeling well. 

One of our colleagues, a new father (Indian) used to rush/dash home after work. Later learnt from him that his newborn will start crying non-stop each day around 6:45pm (dusk) – he needed to burn some incense and smoke his whole house to drive away some ‘evil spirit’ that is disturbing his baby!

I gave him an ointment (minyak Nona Roguy) to apply as per instructions on the bottle and whoosh.. the crying stopped! He now named Nona Roguy as his Magic ointment!

Actually it was colic.

(St. Louis County Police/AP Photo)
The mother of a dead 1-year-old Missouri boy told police she struck him repeatedly when he wouldn't stop crying or lie down, then dumped his body near a nearby graveyard, St. Louis County, Mo., prosecutor Bob McCulloch said at a news conference this afternoon.
McCulloch said the lesson for the community was, "Raising a child can be frustrating. There are a myriad of ways to deal with that. This isn't one of them."  Go here for more news.


  1. hi katrina, so much talk about human rights..
    People want human rights values in their lives, but they are not even humane to their own many true cases like this happened in the past few years.
    They conveniently throw the babies away.. worst than animals. i hate the sight of that woman up there--evil looks alright

  2. That's just wrong, who does that? People like her just make me hate the human race. Also, I never understood why some women choose to have babies if they are not fit to be mothers.