Sunday, November 13, 2011

Miraculous restorations of fertility – Sacred Belt of the Virgin Mary.

Miracles do happen? My friend had been married for 13years, childless, yet never once gave up the dreams of having her own children. Medically went through all the tests and procedures on fertility, tried just about every tip given to become pregnant.

Finally a Doctor (from Banting, Selangor) suggested she seek traditional treatments. Determined and hopeful, she decided to give it a try and three months later found out she was pregnant. The following 4years she had 2 more babies.

No medical intervention, no pills whatsoever, merely drink water collected from seven mosques and reciting some holy verses from the Quran!

Virgin Mary ‘fertility’ relic - Orthodox disciples believe that the belt helps women to conceive children.

 Images here.

A sacred relic, believed by some Orthodox Christians to be the belt of the Virgin Mary, is drawing thousands of Russian pilgrims in search of a cure for a myriad of ailments including infertility. Source here.

Legend has it that the arc that’s been brought from Greece contains part of the belt of camel hair that Virgin Mary wove and carried during all of her earthly life before Her ascent to heaven.

The belt of Virgin Mary in the Vatopedi monastery

For the past 2000 years, the relic has been kept at the Holy and Great Monastery of Vatopedi, on Mount Athos, in Greece. The belt is normally taken to a Greek city once a year at the request of believers.

It had never been taken abroad, and the only exception the Greeks have made was for Russia. The monastery refused earlier requests from other countries, including the U.S. and Romania. Twenty monks from Athos accompanied it to Russia, Interfax reported. The relic will stay in Russia until Nov. 23, 2011and will be taken to 12 cities.

The relic arrived in Russia after an initiative taken by the influential Russian Orthodox Church, who is actively promoting motherhood to help the government halt a steadily rise in population decline.

  • The country’s latest census released earlier this year shows the country’s population has shrunk by another 2.2 million people since 2002 and now stands at 142.9 million. 
  • The shrinking population has become somewhat of a matter of national security for Russian leaders.


  1. hi katrina, interesting post.. i am sure you have heard of tasik dayang bunting in langkawi..
    a legendary belief that whoever wants to conceive , go and drink water from that lake..

    Somehow, sometime last year, i read a genuine finding that the tasik water contains a certain element / compound which is very beneficial for those infertile, who wants to conceive babies.

    so it is not legendary after all, it was just that the older folks do not know the scientific reasons behind this.

  2. Hello Dearie..A very interesting post.
    But about the recital of Quran verses and water taken from 7 mosques, can you publish it in a more detailed form?
    I am sure many are curious on how to carry about the process and what Quran verses to read..
    Thanks so much..*wink2*
    *untuk my menantu*hehe

  3. CV
    We took a boat ride to tasik Dayang Bunting, some of my friends took few bottles of its water home to pass on to those in need..Quite a walk to the tasik!

    Couple now in Nilai. Will try get more details from her, Insyallah. My hp went missing few weeks back, so must korek2 for their nbrs someplace. Truly a miracle for her. I could not believe it until I personally saw her 3kids!

    Actually the Doctor from the clinic she was working with(Dr Rusli I think) personally took her to the place, somewhere in Banting.

  4. Oh ya Mamasita,
    Dr Harris from SJMC delivered my kids, not sure if he is still there. I was told he is very good (research etc) on fertility related issues.

    Can also try him @


  5. Katrina...interesting post. do you mine sharing the info too - to pass on to my sister and a good friend of mine. Thanks dearie

  6. That is really amazing! With God's grace anything could be achieved....

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