Wednesday, November 30, 2011

World's First Sex School Opens? Malaysia’s Obedient Wives Club

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In Malaysia, last June 2011 the Obedient Wives Club (OWC) created hot sizzling waves, today, we hear of the World’s First Sex School in Vienna!

The world's first international sex school has opened which claims to teach its students how to be better lovers.

But far from being a cheap thrill, one term at the "hands on" International Sex School in Vienna will cost pupils £1,400. 
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  1. Hi
    Whats happening to the world.The pope in Vienna is just keeping quiet about this??????


  2. Hi wawa,
    If I am not mistaken Trengganu offers special patching-up holiday packages for couples facing marital problems and OWC did mention some kind of "similar" workshops for their members?

    Wonder if this school has any set age limits?

  3. Hi wawa! We should open it in Kuala Lumpur.

  4. hi katrina, i wonder if this idea will be success.. i am sure the membership will be a huge one too. ha ha ha
    most of these women will be excited to join in the fun... or serious or not serious, it must be fun.
    my net not too good, cant write long. have a wonderful day

  5. CV, Navankawo,
    Sorry for late reply here. Been very busy having to attend so many weddings (season eh?)this last few days.

    Sex is still a "taboo" topic of discussion in this part of the world, hence I get few very "naughty teasing" comments here that I will not publish.

    There are many things we take for granted, such as delivering a child eg: Today new mums-to-be have special courses to help them understand what to expect during labour etc.

    This sex school sure is an eye opener for those in need! haha