Thursday, November 10, 2011

Kids have feelings too – I Told My Kids I Ate All Their Halloween Candies

Uploaded by Jimmy Kimmel Live

Today is 11-11-11, 11th November 2011.

There are little precious things that truly matters to kids. So watch out mums - kids and their innocent feelings! 

My daughter was inseparable with her baby doll. Her naughty brother had different ideas. He decided to use a permanent black marker pen and drew a lovely thick moustache and beard on its face. 

She was so upset, terribly miserable and cried non-stop. I will never forget that hectic day!

No other dolls .. she insisted on having the same one. I had to rush to Toys"R"Us to get a replacement; the nearest store (Subang Jaya) did not have any. I had to drive all the way to their KL outlet and, fortunately found one.

Guess what happened? Few weeks later the brother decided to draw again - this time face of a clown - red nose, red cheeks, and thick raised eyebrows etc! 


  1. Hi Katrina, I gree on kid’s ejmotions can be be very deep.
    It is a now wonder some parents give in to their children’s needs to avoid the screaming and stress.
    My current guest blogger proved on the emotion of a 7 year old kid’.
    Hey, your daughter looks so cute, she must be a pretty girl now- even deeper emotions :)

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  2. Oh my, that clip is hilarious but so sad in a way. Poor kids!

  3. CV, that was her when she was 13mnths old, today already 14yrs! I had to journalize this incident to keep the brother reminded of what he once did to his little sister!

    During festivities Muslim kids also do their rounds, not candies but collect 'Hari Raya packets'.

    Now mainly practiced in rural areas as the community is still very closely bonded, and many have 'open houses' for at least 2days.

    And don't anyone dare touch their packets! It is a yearly excitement most kids look forward to.